Video Roulette Retains It Popularity At Global Live Casino With The Excellent Graphics And Realistic Game Play!

We all know how a roulette wheel looks like. While some of us have played it in a land-based casino, others may have played the online game. The roulette wheel is of two types: single zero and double zero. The single zero roulette wheel is the French or European version, while the double zero belongs to America.

With 36 pockets, the European roulette wheel is considered to offer a truly fair game, and with the American roulette wheel that has two zeros, the house edge is increased. The roulette wheels used in the game of video roulette online are exactly the same as the original versions.

Global Live Casino offers video roulette in all its forms for players to choose from. It uses the most advanced graphics and sounds to make video roulette more realistic, to ensure players do not get the feeling that they are playing against a computer.

The bankroll one needs to play video roulette at Global Live Casino, is not huge as the betting amounts start very low, and this is done in an attempt to cater to all types of players. This alleviates the need to worry about high-limit tables where one has to wager $25 or so per spin.

Video roulette is very popular as the wheels at this casino are said to bring back more wins than most others. There is a belief that playing at a single roulette wheel for more than an hour or so leads to lesser wins, which is certainly not true at Global Live Casino. The random number generators used by the casino are totally genuine and produce random results.

Roulette enthusiasts who wish to maximize their wins, or should we say, minimize their losses, will do well to play at Global Live Casino, which is known for its video roulette along with the live roulette.